Saturday, June 9, 2007


India Level Contest

Winner of Puzzle _18 is

1. Kulal (Aditi Software)
2. (Aditi tech.)
3. Vikram (Bangalore)

Puzzle: There are three bulbs in a flat. The main door is made of translucent glass which can allow light to pass through but one cannot find out from which bulb unless he is inside.There are 3 swithes outside and the task is to map the switches to the bulbs goin inside only once.

Note: You can not leave the door open.
Switch on the bulbs and find out the mapping between bulbs and switches.

Solution: Switch on 1 bulb for some time (20 mins). and then switch it off.
Switch on the other bulb. Keep the third bulb off.
Then go to the room.
The bulb which is hot corresponds to the 1st switch,
The bulb which is on corresponds to 2nd switch and
The bulb which is off corresponds to the 3rd switch.

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